CIGS technology solar cells for Campers (DK)

The CIGS solar technology is perfect for campers. This product is unable to crack or ignite fire, and it produce power even in cloudy, wet and harsh weather

The CIGS technology deliver convincing performance with solar cells for Campers - high-performance CIGS technology for buses

Two thousandths of a millimeter effective CIGS material is enough

Sunpower for campers – CIGS stands for Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide and deliver convincing performance on the roof on your camper.

CIGS solar cells is very light sensitive and can produce power in cloudy weather, with low sun radiation and has no trouble being placed horizontally.

The solar panels do not get hot on the backside, so no fire hazard with CIGS.


Why we use solar cells with CIGS technology?

In this little video, we show why we use the CIGS technology in our rooftop solar cell mounts.

Afspil video