Improve the Power in your Camper with Solar Panels

Take advantage of the sun – use sunpower – stable light, power and a full battery

Get a Stable Power source for your Camper with Solar Panels

Solarcamper ensure there is always power in your camper when you are travelling

– with roof mounted solar panels.

Modern camping offers more and more challenges in terms of electricity. Several appliances and new gadgets are in use at the same time, and therefor it requires much of the campground’s power capacity.

As a result of this, the electricity at the campsite becomes more expensive in line with the camper’s desire for greater independence.

These wishes can be met with the light and safe solar cells from Solarcamper. Good performance even in partial shade and cloudy weather.

No solar cells other than CIGS technology solar cells offer this.

Supply your battery with Solarcamper panels
- and you will never run out of power​

About us by Green Energy Scandinavia is the operational part of the Norwegian parent group Green Energy A/S. Its solutions are delivered to the whole transport sector all over the world, specializing in buses, trucks and vans.

Self-developed electronics and software along with CIGS technology solar cells are the foundation of the company’s operations.

System deliveries and assembly-course activities aimed at fleet owners and major installer companies are the company strength.